Love Goes to Press

The Story

LONDON WALL premiered in 1931 at the Duke of York’s Theatre, one of five plays by John Van Druten that enjoyed success in London in the early 30’s. This romantic drama charts the lives and loves of the women employed as shorthand typists in a bustling City law firm. It was acclaimed for its deftly etched characters and richly detailed atmosphere and ran for 170 performances before being made into a movie called “After Office Hours” featuring most of its West End cast.

LONDON WALL tells the story of Pat Milligan, a naïve young typist who falls for the charms of a predatory junior lawyer. Watching with concern is the firm’s senior secretary, her too-timid suitor, and several others in the office. Presiding over all is Mr. Walker, gamely trying to navigate a new kind of office where men and women must work side by side.

“The Mint has just mounted the U.S. premiere of his "London Wall," a 1931 comedy set in a London law office. This witty, glisteningly crafted tale of a quartet of working women and the benighted men for whom they work has a distinctly contemporary flavor, enough that you'll come away wondering whether Van Druten might deserve credit for inventing the workplace comedy decades before it found favor on TV.” (Wall Street Journal)

LONDON WALL had its first London revival last year when an enthusiastically received production had a brief, sold-out run at the tiny Finborough Theatre before transferring.

“Writing this 1931 play, set in a law office, the playwright John Van Druten (“Bell, Book and Candle”) was prescient in his examination of the workplace as an evolving social construct, which provides a kind of family but is also fraught with the dangers of economic and sexual exploitation..” (The New Yorker)


  • Julia Coffey
  • Katie Gibson
  • Matthew Gumley
  • Jonathan Hogan
  • Laurie Kennedy
  • Elise Kibler
  • Stephen Plunkett
  • Christopher Sears
  • Alex Trow


  • Director Davis McCallum
  • Sets Marion Williams
  • Costumes Martha Hally
  • Lights Nicole Pearce
  • Sound Jane Shaw
  • Props Joshua Yocom
  • Dialects & Dramaturgy Amy Stoller
  • Casting Judy Bowman
  • Assistand Director Alexander Lass
  • Production Manager Sherri Kotimsky
  • Production Stage Manager Allison Deutsch
  • Assistant Stage Manager Andrea Jo Martin
  • Illustration Stefano Imbert
  • Graphics Hey Jude Design, Inc.
  • Advertising The Pekoe Group
  • Press David Gersten & Associates