Susan Pedersen, Columbia University

Saturday, June 2, after the Matinee

Professor Pedersen will discuss politics in England in the early 1920’s, helping to put Malleson’s play into a historical context. She is the Gouverneur Morris Professor of History at Columbia and specializes in British history, the British empire, comparative European history, and international history. In 2014, Pedersen founded a graduate training collaboration in Twentieth-Century British history with Guy Ortolano of NYU and Peter Mandler of Cambridge University. PhD students working in this field participate in regular dissertation workshops and book discussions across all three institutions.

Celia Marshik, Stonybrook University

Saturday June 9, after the Matinee

Celia Marshik is Chair of the Department of English at Stonybrook. She is the author of “British Modernism and Censorship” (Cambridge University Press) and editor of “The Cambridge Companion to Modernist Culture”. Her teaching focuses on British modernism, the relationship between modernism and the middlebrow, and the literature and culture of World War I.

Andrew Malleson

Sunday, June 10, Brunch at Chez Josephine 12:00.

Attend the matinee that day, or any other performance (separate purchase required). Brunch Price: $40: Call 212-315-9434 for your ticket!

Andrew Malleson, born 1931, is the son of Miles Malleson and his second wife, Joan Billson. Andrew will share stories of his childhood, talk about his father and share what it was like for him to see Conflict, as well as Yours Unfaithfully in 2017.

“It’s Rather a Way of Looking at Things:”
The Political Vision of Miles Malleson
Maya Cantu, Bennington College

Saturday, June 16, after the Matinee

Maya Cantu is Dramaturgical Advisor to Mint Theater Company. She received a D.F.A. in Dramaturgy and Dramatic Criticism at Yale School of Drama. Her book American Cinderellas on the Broadway Stage: Imagining the Working Girl from “Irene” to “Gypsy” is now available through Palgrave Macmillan. Maya will discuss the life, work and politics of Miles Malleson.

Did you know?

Many of our EnrichMint Events have been recorded and are available for viewing online.

  • Charles Duff
    "N.C. Hunter: Plays That Actors Liked To Speak"

    Charles Duff is a British teacher, actor, theatre director, writer and critic. His first professional role was in N.C. Hunter’s The Adventures of Tom Random at Guildford’s Yvonne Arnaud Theatre in 1967. His book, The Lost Summer: The Heyday of the West End Theatre, focuses on the playwrights of the commercial British theatre of the mid-twentieth century. In this video, filmed after a performance of A Day by the Sea by N.C. Hunter, Charles discusses how N.C. Hunter’s plays fit into this rich period of theatrical history. Video by Joshua Paul Johnson. Recorded live on August 13, 2016.

    (Click image below to play video)

  • Roger W. Oliver
    "British Theatre in the Postwar World"

    Roger W. Oliver is Professor of Liberal Arts and Drama at Juilliard, and Professor of English and Dramatic Literature at NYU, where he teaches courses in Modern British Drama. In this video, filmed after a performance of A DAY BY THE SEA by N.C. Hunter, Roger discusses how the play fits into the larger context of post-WWII British theatre. Video by Joshua Paul Johnson. Recorded live on August 6, 2016.

    (Click image below to play video)