by Miles Malleson

Monday, February 13th at 7pm
Tickets: $25
FREE for members of our First Priority Club

“Neat and spare, always natural and often witty…It is both entertaining and exciting.” The Guardian, 1926

Miles Malleson’s Conflict is a timely, comic, and surprising look at what happens when the personal and political collide. The play tells the story of an aristocrat’s daughter who experiences a political awakening when two men, a fiery young socialist and a dashing conservative, vie for her allegiance.

Conflict was first performed in 1925 at the Q Theatre in west London. By 1926, the play had reached the much-larger Queen’s Theatre, where the Times described the play as “thoroughly enjoyable.” Remarkably, the West End run of Conflict—which pits capitalist against socialist ideals—was interrupted by Great Britain’s famous 9-day general strike in May 1926. “The strike harshly affected the theatre, and some plays and productions of quality which were on their way to prosperity have had to endure a heavy strain,” wrote St. John Ervine in an appeal for The Observer. “Mr. Miles Malleson’s clever play, Conflict, deserves to receive as much support now as it got before the strike.”

Mint Theater is pleased to host Malleson’s dramatic debate with a Further Reading of Conflict on February 13th.

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