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Rush tickets ($35) are sold, when there is availability, one hour prior to the start of each performance.

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Silver Lining Streaming

“The thing I miss most about live theater is seeing shows in small houses, sitting in the midst of happy audiences who know they’re watching something special. For me, one of the off-Broadway troupes that best satisfies this craving is the Mint Theater Company, which specializes in unjustly forgotten 20th-century plays. The works they choose, no matter how obscure, are always worthy of revival, and their finely wrought small-scale productions make the strongest possible case for the plays.”

Terry Teachout, The Wall Street Journal

Free On Demand Streaming of Archival Recordings of Mint Theater Company past productions.

Mint Theater Company’s Silver Lining Streaming: No Passwords*No Tickets*On Demand Streaming

Mint is proud to be putting artists on payroll while offering audiences an opportunity to experience great plays and productions from the safety and comfort of your own home. Your support helps to make this possible.

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