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By Elizabeth Baker

GENE GILLETTE, SARA HAIDER and JOSHUA ECHEBIRI in the American Premiere of Elizabeth Baker’s Partnership, directed by Jackson Grace Gay. Photo credit: Todd Cerveris

Yours Unfaithfully (London)

By Miles Malleson

Photo by Steve Gregson

Becomes A Woman

by Betty Smith

Gina Daniels and Emma Pfitzer Price in Becomes A Woman by Betty Smith. Photo Credit Todd Cerveris

The Rat Trap

By Noël Coward


By Elizabeth Baker

Peterson Townsend, Laakon McHardy & Jeremy Beck. Photo by Todd Cerveris.

The Daughter-in-Law (2022)

by D.H. Lawrence

Sandra Shipley & Amy Blackman. Photo by Photo by Maria Baranova

Chekhov/Tolstoy: Love Stories

Adapted for the Stage by Miles Malleson

CHEKHOV/TOLSTOY: LOVE STORIES Adapted for the stage by Miles Malleson MICHAEL Directed by Jane Shaw Vinie Burrows, Katie Firth, J. Paul Nicholas, and Malik Reed Photo by Maria Baranova

The Mountains Look Different

By Micheál mac Liammóir

THE MOUNTAINS LOOK DIFFERENT By Micheál mac Liammóir Brenda Meaney Photo by Todd Cerveris

The Price of Thomas Scott

By Elizabeth Baker

Tracy Sallows, Donald Corren and Emma Geer in THE PRICE OF THOMAS SCOTT by Elizabeth Baker, directed by Jonathan Bank. Photo by Todd Cerveris

Days to Come

By Lillian Hellman

Larry Bull, Chris Henry Coffey, Ted Deasy, Roderick Hill, and Janie Brookshire in DAYS TO COME by Lillian Hellman, directed by J.R. Sullivan. Photo by Todd Cerveris


By Miles Malleson

Jeremy Beck and Jessie Shelton in CONFLICT by Miles Malleson, directed by Jenn Thompson. Photo by Todd Cerveris

Hindle Wakes

by Stanley Houghton

Emma Geer, Brian Reddy, Jill Tanner, Jeremy Beck and Jonathan Hogan in HINDLE WAKES by Stanley Houghton, directed by Gus Kaikkonen. Photo by Todd Cerveris.

The Suitcase Under the Bed

by Teresa Deevy

Sarah Nicole Deaver, Colin Ryan, & Cynthia Mace in THE KING OF SPAIN'S DAUGHTER by Teresa Deevy. Directed by Jonathan Bank. Photo: Richard Termine.

The Lucky One

By A.A. Milne

Michael Frederic, Wynn Harmon, Robert David Grant, Mia Hutchinson-Shaw, Andrew Fallaize, Cynthia Harris, and Deanne Lorette in THE LUCKY ONE by A.A. Milne. Directed by Jesse Marchese. Photo: Richard Termine.

Yours Unfaithfully

By Miles Malleson

Max von Essen, Mikaela Izquierdo, and Elisabeth Gray in YOURS UNFAITHFULLY by Miles Malleson. Photo: Richard Termine.

A Day By the Sea

By N.C. Hunter

Katie Firth, Athan Sporek, Kylie McVey, Jill Tanner, Philip Goodwin, Julian Elfer, and George Morfogen in A DAY BY THE SEA by N.C. Hunter. Photo: Richard Termine.

Women Without Men

By Hazel Ellis

Mary Bacon, Alexa Shae Niziak, and Emily Walton in WOMEN WITHOUT MEN by Hazel Ellis. Photo: Richard Termine.

The New Morality

By Harold Chapin

Christian Campbell, Brenda Meaney, Ned Noyes, Clemmie Evans, and Michael Frederic in THE NEW MORALITY by Harold Chapin. Photo: Richard Termine

Fashions For Men

By Ferenc Molnár

Mark Bedard, John Tufts, Annie Purcell, Joe Delafield, Maren Searle, and Jeremy Lawrence in FASHIONS FOR MEN by Ferenc Molnár. Photo: Richard Termine

The Fatal Weakness

By George Kelly

Kristin Griffith, Victoria Mack, and Cliff Bemis in THE FATAL WEAKNESS by George Kelly. Photo: Richard Termine


By Jules Romains

Dave Quay, Brian Thomas Vaughan, Scott Thomas, and Jay Patterson in DONOGOO by Jules Romains. Photo: Richard Termine

London Wall

By John Van Druten

Stephen Plunkett and Matthew Gumley in LONDON WALL by John Van Druten. Photo: Richard Termine

A Picture of Autumn

By N.C. Hunter

Photo: A Picture of Autumn By N.C. Hunter Cast Helen Cespedes Christian Coulson Barbara Eda-Young Katie Firth Jonathan Hogan George Morfogen Paul Niebanck Kraig Swartz Jill Tanner Directed by Gus Kaikkonen Presented by The Mint Theater Company; Dress rehearsal photographed: Wednesday, May 22, 2013; 7:00 PM at New York; Photograph: © 2013 Richard Termine. PHOTO CREDIT - Richard Termine

Katie Roche

By Teresa Deevy

Patrick Fitzgerald and Wrenn Schmidt in KATIE ROCHE by Teresa Deevy Photo: Richard Termine

Mary Broome

By Allan Monkhouse

Janie Brookshire and Roderick Hill in MARY BROOME by Allan Monkhouse Photo: Carol Rosegg Photography

Love Goes To Press

By Martha Gellhorn & Virginia Cowles

Bradford Cover, Rob Breckenridge, Margot White, David Graham Jones, Curzon Dobell and Jay Patterson in LOVE GOES TO PRESS by Martha Gellhorn and Virginia Cowles Photo: Richard Termine

Rutherford & Son

By Githa Sowerby

Sara Surrey and David Van Pelt in RUTHERFORD & SON by Githa Sowerby Photo: Richard Termine

Temporal Powers

By Teresa Deevy

Aidan Redmond and Rosie Benton in TEMPORAL POWERS by Teresa Deevy Photo: Richard Termine

A Little Journey

By Rachel Crothers

Laurie Birmingham (in back), Samantha Soule, Victoria Mack, Joey Parsons and John Wernke in A LITTLE JOURNEY by Rachel Crothers Photo: Richard Termine

What The Public Wants

By Arnold Bennett

Douglas Rees, Laurie Kennedy, Marc Vietor and Rob Breckenridge in WHAT THE PUBLIC WANTS by Arnold Bennett Photo: Richard Termine

Wife To James Whelan

By Teresa Deevy

Aidan Redmond and Janie Brookshire in WIFE TO JAMES WHELAN by Teresa Deevy Photo: Carol Rosegg Photography

Dr. Knock

By Jules Romains

Patrick Husted, Thomas M. Hammond and Patti Perkins in DR. KNOCK OR THE TRIUMPH OF MEDICINE by Jules Romains Photo: Richard Termine

So Help Me God!

By Maurine Watkins

Ned Noyes, Kristen Johnston and Allen Lewis Rickman in SO HELP ME GOD! by Maurine Dallas Watkins Photo: Richard Termine

Is Life Worth Living?

By Lennox Robinson

Margaret Daly, Paul O'Brien, Kevin Kilner, Jordan Baker and Bairbre Dowling in IS LIFE WORTH LIVING? by Lennox Robinson Photo: Richard Termine

The Widowing of Mrs. Holroyd

By D.H. Lawrence

Dalton Harrod, Emma Kantor and Julia Coffey in THE WIDOWING OF MRS. HOLROYD by D.H. Lawrence Photo: Richard Termine

The Glass Cage

By J.B. Priestley

Saxon Palmer, Sandra Struthers-Clerc, Aaron Krohn and Jack Wetherall (in back) in THE GLASS CAGE by J.B. Priestley Photo: Richard Termine

The Fifth Column

By Ernest Hemingway

Kelly AuCoin and Heidi Armbruster in THE FIFTH COLUMN by Ernest Hemingway Photo: Richard Termine

The Power of Darkness

By Leo Tolstoy

Mark Alhadeff in THE POWER OF DARKNESS by Leo Tolstoy Photo: Rahav Segev/

The Return of The Prodigal

By St. John Hankin

Bradford Cover, Richard Kline, Leah Curney, Roderick Hill (on couch) and Tandy Cronyn (in front) in THE RETURN OF THE PRODIGAL by St. John Hankin Photo: Richard Termine

The Madras House

By Harley Granville Barker

Thomas M. Hammond and Lisa Bostnar in THE MADRAS HOUSE by Harley Granville-Barker Photo: Richard Termine

John Ferguson

By St. John Ervine

Marion Woods, Joyce Cohen and Robertson Carricart in JOHN FERGUSON by St. John Ervine Photo: Richard Termine

Susan and God

By Rachel Crothers

Alex Cranmer, Opal Alladin, Leslie Hendrix and Heidi Armbruster in SUSAN AND GOD by Rachel Crothers Photo: Richard Termine

Soldier’s Wife

By Rose Franken

Angela Pierce and Judith Hawking in SOLDIER'S WIFE by Rose Franken Photo: Richard Termine

The Skin Game

By John Galsworthy

James Gale, Monique Fowler and John C. Vennema in THE SKIN GAME by John Galsworthy Photo: Rahav Segev/

The Lonely Way

By Arthur Schnitzler

Sherry Skinker and John Leonard Thompson in THE LONELY WAY by Arthur Schnitzler Photo: Rahav Segev/

Echoes of The War

By J.M. Barrie

Aaron Krohn, Richard Easton and Jenny Strassburg in ECHOES OF THE WAR: TWO SHORT PLAYS by J.M. Barrie Photo: Richard Termine

Milne at The Mint

By A.A.Milne

Victoria Mack, Kristin Griffith, James Knight and Jack Davidson in THE TRUTH ABOUT BLAYDS by A.A. Milne Photo: Richard Termine

The Daughter-In-Law (2003)

By D.H. Lawrence

Mikel Sarah Lambert, Jodie Lynne McClintock and Peter Russo in THE DAUGHTER-IN-LAW by D.H. Lawrence Photo: Richard Termine

Far and Wide

By Arthur Schnitzler

Lisa Bostnar, Pilar Witherspoon, Kelly AuCoin, Joshua Decker, Allen Lewis Rickman, Kate Arrington and Hans Tester in FAR AND WIDE by Arthur Schnitzler Photo: Richard Termine

The Charity That Began at Home

By St. John Hankin

Harmony Schuttler, Kristin Griffith, Karl Kenzler, Becky London and Lee Moore in THE CHARITY THAT BEGAN AT HOME by St. John Hankin Photo: Richard Termine

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