Aidan Redmond and the Design Team

Saturday June 1, after the matinee

Meet our design team and peek into the creative process with director Aidan Redmond and his team. Mint Artistic Director Jonathan Bank will moderate this panel discussion.

"I was always being somebody else" The Theatre of Micheál mac Liammóir
Maya Cantu, Bennington College

Saturday June 8, after the matinee

Maya Cantu will discuss the amazing biography of our author, the man born Alfred Willimore in 1899. Maya is on the Drama Faculty at Bennington and Dramaturgical Advisor to the Mint. She received a D.F.A. in Dramaturgy and Dramatic Criticism at Yale School of Drama. Her book American Cinderellas on the Broadway Stage: Imagining the Working Girl from “Irene” to “Gypsy” is available through Palgrave Macmillan.

"Anna Christie" and The Mountains Look Different
Zander Brietzke

Sunday June 9, after the matinee

Micheál mac Liammóir writes that the inspiration for The Mountains Look Different came after working on Anna Christie at the Gate Theatre. Zander Brietzke will help us understand what he meant. Brietzke is a former president of the Eugene O’Neill Society and editor of the Eugene O’Neill Review. He has published one monograph on O’Neill, The Aesthetics of Failure (McFarland 2001), and finished another, “Magnum Opus: The Extant Cycle Plays of Eugene O’Neill,” under contract at Yale University Press (est. pub. date in 2020). Other books include Action and Consequence in Ibsen, Chekhov and Strindberg (2017), American Drama in the Age of Film (2007) and two editions of Teaching with the Norton Anthology of Drama (2009, 2014). He has taught at Columbia University, Montclair State, The College of Wooster in Ohio and Lehigh University.

Did you know?

Many of our EnrichMint Events have been recorded and are available for viewing online.

  • Charles Duff
    "N.C. Hunter: Plays That Actors Liked To Speak"

    Charles Duff is a British teacher, actor, theatre director, writer and critic. His first professional role was in N.C. Hunter’s The Adventures of Tom Random at Guildford’s Yvonne Arnaud Theatre in 1967. His book, The Lost Summer: The Heyday of the West End Theatre, focuses on the playwrights of the commercial British theatre of the mid-twentieth century. In this video, filmed after a performance of A Day by the Sea by N.C. Hunter, Charles discusses how N.C. Hunter’s plays fit into this rich period of theatrical history. Video by Joshua Paul Johnson. Recorded live on August 13, 2016.

    (Click image below to play video)

  • Roger W. Oliver
    "British Theatre in the Postwar World"

    Roger W. Oliver is Professor of Liberal Arts and Drama at Juilliard, and Professor of English and Dramatic Literature at NYU, where he teaches courses in Modern British Drama. In this video, filmed after a performance of A DAY BY THE SEA by N.C. Hunter, Roger discusses how the play fits into the larger context of post-WWII British theatre. Video by Joshua Paul Johnson. Recorded live on August 6, 2016.

    (Click image below to play video)