Mint always puts the play and playwright first, fulfilling the author’s vision with loving attention to every detail. We do our best to create new life for the lost and forgotten plays we produce. We bring the same care when making our archival recordings, including captions and HD cameras. All of this work – from live to virtual – requires a significant financial investment, far exceeding what we can earn. The support from our community helps us to continue to make bold choices.

Joshua Echebiri and Sara Haider in PARTNERSHIP, 2023. Photo by Todd Cerveris


Mint’s Preservation Fund is intended to assure that the plays we have discovered are preserved, remembered, and enjoyed.

    • STREAMING (Including salaries for artists)
    • ARCHIVAL RECORDINGS (Every play we produce is now recorded in 4K with three cameras)
    • ONLINE ARCHIVE (Our website is a valued resource.)
    • PUBLICATIONS (Did you know that Mint has published six books?)


The EnrichMint Fund is dedicated to the continuation and growth of our educational programming. Your gift will help us to continue to expand our program of free pre- and post-show lectures and discussions conducted by some of the nation’s top scholars and leading experts.

Chris Morash, Trinity College Dublin, on the set of WOMEN WITHOUT MEN (2017)