“Sex—the driving force of the world: bigger than the night sky, cleaner than the sea—and I’ve got a nasty mind if I talk about it.”

Miles Malleson penned the two adaptations featured in Chekhov/Tolstoy: Love Stories early in his career. Another effort from those years was his first full-length play Youth, first published and produced in 1916. Diving head first into Malleson’s life-long obsessions, sex and social justice – Youth is a backstage comedy; the story of a young playwright’s first theatrical endeavor—and first love. Youth is charged with passion and rides on a wave of breathtaking prose and youthful energy.

In Youth, we see what drew Malleson to Chekhov’s story of the artist who questions the value of art and beauty. We can also see Malleson becoming the playwright who would write Yours Unfaithfully and Conflict.

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CAST: Kate Abruzzese, Donald Corren, Margaret Daly, Christian DeMarais, Andrew Fallaize, Michael Frederic, Alex Mandell, Brenda Meaney, Ned Noyes, Tommy Schrider