March 27, 2002

Wit, sophistication, charm- where do you find it these days? At the Mint Theatre on West 43rd St. in S.N. Behrman’s 1939 play NO TIME FOR COMEDY. Directed by Kent Paul, who captured the flavor, the style of the time, with a fine set by Tony Andrea, it works as well today as it did then. To be in the presence of people who are educated and clever engaged in intelligent verbal combat is so much more entertaining than a “Kitchen Sink” drama of slovenly losers. Behrman was a quipmaster and in a Noel Cowardish domestic comi-drama, we have an evening of good smart fun. Okay- the end of the play misses the point (although cleverly enticing) that in a time of conflict in the world it is appropriate for a comedy writer to attempt a drama: his humor will sneak in anyway. This production also has a fine cast, especially Hope Chernov, so make time on your schedule for NO TIME FOR COMEDY.