Sarah Blake has a BA from Yale University and a Ph.D. in English and American Literature from New York University. Her novel, the New York Times’ bestseller The Postmistress (Amy Einhorn Books/Berkley Publishing), is set during World War II. Blake writes, “While researching my second novel, The Postmistress, I was casting about for real-life models for my character, Frankie Bard, a war correspondent, and the owner of the English bookshop in Rome thrust Gellhorn’s The Face of War in my hands. It was one of those marvelous serendipities that often happen in novel-writing. Martha Gellhorn’s story–how a bold and winning woman with guts and great talent  talked her way onto the fronts of most of the wars of the 20th century, wanting to be in the middle of the biggest stories of her time–as well as her words, their great passion and sorrow, helped me frame a fiction that is as much a tribute to her and to many of the other women like her, as it is a consideration of war reporting, and of war itself.”

Sarah Blake’s article for the Telegraph on Women War Correspondents of WWII

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